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3rd Generation Seamstress

Stephanie Sage

I grew up in a small family-owned tailor shop and specialize in making every day clothes, formalwear, and wedding dresses. I've sewn stuffed animals, curtains, shoulder bags, and many other sewing projects. I'm a retired Alteration Specialist of David's Bridal as an Alteration Specialist where I thrived in a fast paced environment for 5 years and learned many custom alteration techniques. I am highly experienced in tailoring men's suites, tuxedos, denim, dress shirts, and other men's clothing.  


Presently, I am involved in sewing adaptive clothing for amputees. My goal is to make dressing and undressing simpler by adding low profile zippers. I like to think out of the box to solve fitting issues while keeping customized alterations concealed and comfortable. Sewing is a big part of who I am. This is my art & my God given talent.

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